MAS-i22/1 is an inline machine for high output requirements with the following features:

    Dual rail conveyor (Max W508 x L508mm)

    4 individual solder pots

    Can solder for 4 boards at the same time

    Expandable for 6 pots

    Heavy load boards ! Can meet Max 20kg load for each product

    High flexibility - use one or both lanes of the conveyor

    Max board can size W500mm x L500mm

    Windows 10 system

    Real-time soldering process monitor

MAS-i22/1 Specifications
    Item MAS-i22/1
    Operating power/Max power 10KW/32KW
    Machine dimension 4900(L)*1750(W)*1720(H)
    Net weight 2300KG
    Power supply 3PH 380V 50HZ
    Air supply 3-5 bars
    Exhausting required 1300M3/h
    PC Yes
    Typical Program Time 10 Minutes
    Conveyor section
    Conveyor lane Single Lane
    MAX PCB W508xL508mm
    PCB top clearance 120mm
    PCB bottom clearance 60mm
    Max PCB weight 20kgs
    Selective fluxing table x 1 sets
    Flux Nozzle Type drop jet fluxer made in Germany
    Flux Nozzle Quantity Standard equip 1 set
    Flux Tank Capacity 1L
    Flux Tank Quantity 1pcs
    Flux Nozzle Distance width adjustable by software
    Axes of Motion X, Y Servo motor
    Position Accuracy +/- 0.05mm
    Preheat section x 2 sets
    Preheating method Top hot air, bottom IR
    Temperature range 25--250c degree
    Selective soldering table x 2 sets
    Solder pot type Standard equipped mechanical pump
    Solder pot quantity 1pc/set
    Solder Pot Capacity 15kgs/pot
    Solder level alarm standard equipped
    Mini Wave Nozzles Dia 4,6,8,10,12MM
    Customized nozzle Available
    Motion Control All servo control with ball screw
    Position Accuracy +/- 0.05mm
    Top preheating Standard equipped with IR top preheating
    (N2) Inertion Management
    N2 Consumption per Nozzle 1.5m3/H, total 3m3/H (recommend to use SELMATE-4)
    Required N2 Purity >99.99%