iBot-2 Automatic Soldering Robot Description:

    Windows English operation system.

    250W high-power JBC soldering station HDE.

    X/Y1/Y2/Z /R adopts servo motor control system.

    Automatic break-tin solder wire feeder.

    Using CCD to teach the soldering path,can identify mark points.

    Self-developed software, easy programming.

    Temperature range:200- 450 ℃.

    Automatic cleaning of soldering tip.

    Repeatability < 0.05mm.

iBot-2 Specifications
    AxesX/Y/Z/R/wire feederX/Y1/Y2/Z/R/wire feeder
    Machine travel(X/Y/Z/R)Standard : 430/420/80mm/320°Standard: 215/420/80mm/320°*2pcs
    Max running speed(X/Y)500mm/s500mm/s
    Repeat positioning accuracy±0.05mm
    Platform load5KG
    Temperature Range200℃-450℃
    Min Solder wire feeding length0.1mm
    Solder wire feederstandard 0.8mm-1.2mm feeder (break tin), optional 0.6-0.8mm feeder (without break tin)
    Programming methodCCD+Teach panel for programming
    Power supplysingle-phase: AC 220V/110V  f: 50HZ/60HZ
    Air pressure0.4-5kg/cm²
    Work environment0℃~40℃
    Machine size834*853*1072mm (not include the display)834*853*1072mm (not include the display)
    WeightAbout: 150kgAbout: 170kg